Top Biking Trails

Bike trails are found all over the world in order to provide the best workout and view for the mountain biker.

There are countless bike trails to be found in the various countries of the world.

According to Singletracks, here are the top ten mountain bike trails in the USA.

Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Trail at Pine, Colorado

The length of the track is 14 miles. The climb up the trail is easy and does not take long but the downhill ride does not disappoint. One can expect a ride through a burnt out forest and some rocks. There are also nice turns and areas which need technique. At the end of the downhill ride, one would be exhilarated – a good downhill ride for an easy climb!

Blankets Creek Bicycle Trail Mountain Bike Trail at Woodstock, Georgia

The length of the track is 9 miles and is configured as a loop. There are actually 3 loops available – one for beginners, one for intermediate bikers, and one for advanced bikers. The first one is 1.3 miles, the second one 3.7 miles, and the last one 4.3 miles. This bicycle trail is perfect for a leisurely weekend afternoon ride.

Palmer Park Mountain Bike Trail at Colorado Springs, Colorado

The length of the network track is a total of 12 miles. The good thing about this bike trail is it has tracks for every kind of biker, with trails well marked and rated.

Trail 401 at Crested Butte, Colorado

Many claim this trail to be the best in Colorado. It has one of the best sceneries to offer the biker with a 14 mile loop.

Colorado Trail/Green Mountain at Deckers, Colorado

A lollipop 16-mile track, Green Mountain is always full of bikers. This trail is good for all kinds of bikers.

Bent Creek at Asheville, North Carolina

A smooth 30-mile singletrack is what one can expect at this trail. It is quite long so endurance is required. Otherwise, one should turn back before he gets tired.

Colorado Trail/Kenosha to Breckenridge at Breckenridge, Colorado

A long singletrack, this trail is worth 33 miles of biking. There is a good mix of downhill and uphill rides – definitely endurance is a must.

Yellow River at Stone Mountain, Georgia

This track is a short 10-mile loop which is very well maintained. The trail has varying difficulties, from straight smooth tracks to the more technical ones.

Forest of Nisene Marks at Sta. Cruz, California

A network of 20 miles, a biker can have all the climbing he wants in this trail. The downhill track makes for a fun ride as well.

Slickrock at Moab, Utah

This track loops and is 12 miles long. This could very well be one of the best known tracks in the world, although it may not be the best.

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